Steps to get your

Licence back

If you have recently lost your licence to a drink drving offence find out the necessary steps to restoring your licence.

Handing back lost licence

Welcome to .05 Licence Back PTY LTD. We offer drink driving education courses and assessments for people who have drink driving offences which have resulted in cancellations or vehicle interlocks. We are an approved DHS Agency, Department of Human Services Accreditation Number 05/069.


Assesments can be required for licence restoration depending on the offence, and represent an official legal document. Assesments are designed to assess the driver's understanding of alcohol use in the contect of driving as well as indvidual situations including current alcohol use.

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Driver Education Programs

We offer Drink Driving Education courses which can help you avoid future drink driving offences. Our courses are designed to meet course obligations set out by courts for re-licencing.

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Purcahse of breathalysers can aslo be made directly from us.

Breathalyser AL6000 Breathalyser Alcosense

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Victorian Drink  Driver Education Programs

Upcoming Courses

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